Top 6 Things To Do In Ella Sri Lanka That You Should Add To Your Trip

By Jenna Jolie

In the past, the little settlement of Ella served only as a stopover for travelers heading to Sri Lanka's southern shore. Travelers would spend a few hours here before going on to their next locations because there were not many stores nearby, all of which served hot and short meals. But it is different now; Ella Sri Lanka has become a top tourism destination for residents and visitors, offering various excellent natural resources.

In this article, we would love to show you the list of things to do in Ella Sri Lanka, including the top places to go for anybody wanting to visit this charming town. Choose the activities that best suit your interests, schedule, and financial situation. Before that, here is some useful information that you should know to prepare for your upcoming trips.

About Ella Sri Lanka - Before You Go

Located in the Badulla District in the Uva Province, Ella is a small town. We would suggest going to Ella in Sri Lanka since it will take you away from your busy routine and promote relaxation. It is surrounded by forest, studded with tea plantations, and home to beautiful waterfalls.

Ella Sri Lanka is also a hiker's dream, tucked 1,041m up into the lush green jagged hills and tea plantations of central Sri Lanka. This once-quaint little village has gained in reputation across the world as a famous destination for travelers, especially young European travelers.

Ella Sri Lanka is getting attractive in the eyes of travelers

Ella Sri Lanka is getting attractive in the eyes of travelers

What Is The Ella Sri Lanka Weather - Best Time To Visit

Ella Sri Lanka weather is classed as a tropical monsoon climate, which indicates that it has two different seasons: dry and rainy. Ella's dry season lasts from December to March and is distinguished by chilly, bright days and beautiful blue skies. Those who love to experience outdoor activities can travel to Ella Sri Lanka during this time because the temperature ranges from 18 to 20°C.

What To Prepare When You Travel To Ella Sri Lanka

Asides from the weather, travelers must consider what to prepare to travel to another country and where they will stay in Ella Sri Lanka. However, don’t worry about that; there are literally hundreds of Ella Sri Lanka hotels to choose from. It might not be easy to decide!

We suggest travelers stay in The Chill Ville View Point hotel - one of the best places to stay in Ella Sri Lanka, which is owned by the same company that runs the incredibly popular Chill Ville restaurant in town. The scenery along the way was simply lovely, and it provided a fantastic opportunity to see little local settlements or visit other tourist attractions.

Moreover, there are important things that you should not miss. To enter Sri Lanka, you must get a visa first; otherwise, you are not allowed to visit this country if your nationality is not on the exemption list. Nowadays, the visa system is digitalized, so travelers can apply anywhere or anytime that they want as long as they qualify for e-visa. You can check your eligibility here and apply for an e-visa to travel to Ella Sri Lanka.

Travelers must first get a valid visa to travel to Ella Sri Lanka

Travelers must first get a valid visa to travel to Ella Sri Lanka

Things To Do In Ella Sri Lanka For Newcomers

Ella Sri Lanka - a favorite destination with a certain rustic charm that attracts outdoor enthusiasts. If you are planning to travel to this beautiful country, Sri Lanka Immigration Services would love to share with you all the top things to do in Ella Sri Lanka.

1. Reach The Little Adam’s Peak

Little Adam's Peak - the younger brother of Adam’s Peak - is a beautiful trek that is also the easiest and most accessible hike in Ella. This lovely trek begins just outside of town, at the 98 Acres Resort entrance. The Little Adam's Peak trek takes around 30-40 minutes to complete and is not difficult. From the viewpoint of Little Adam’s Peak, on a clear day, travelers can see the entire town of Ella, the surrounding valleys, and even the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

Little Adam’s Peak is one of the activities that travelers must try when traveling to Ella Sri Lanka

Little Adam’s Peak is one of the activities that travelers must try when traveling to Ella Sri Lanka

2. Explore The Nine Arch Bridge

The Nine Arch Bridge is an iconic landmark in Ella Sri Lanka. It was built during the British colonial period; although being an old bridge, it is still invested in tourism and has become famous for its unique design and stunning views. This is definitely one of the most exciting things to do in Ella Sri Lanka that travelers must experience when visiting here.

There are various routes from Ella's town center to the Nine Arch Bridge. Walking along the railroad lines from the Ella train station is one option. Another option is to take the path that meanders away from the Little Adam's Peak trailhead. The best time to visit the Nine Arch bridge is during the morning when the train passes over it, creating a picturesque scene.

3. Take A Train Ride

Sri Lanka train ride Kandy to Ella is indeed quite captivating. Take the train and witness spectacular views of lush green tea farms, mountains, viaducts, valleys, and impenetrable rainforests. Furthermore, it is the chance to approach and immerse yourself in Sri Lankan culture. Meet friendly people aboard the train, wave to youngsters running along the rails, and try spicy delicacies which are on sale at each stop.

The journey takes around 7 hours, but the stunning views of the tea plantations, mountains, and valleys make it well worth the time. Make sure to book your train tickets in advance, in advance, as they are always sold out quickly.

Sri Lanka train ride from Kandy to Ella

Sri Lanka train ride from Kandy to Ella

4. Check-in At Ravana Falls

Ravana Falls is a nice place to see while in Ella Sri Lanka, and is about a 10-minute drive from the main road. The journey to the waterfall is one of the most scenic in the nation, with tiny roads and hairpin turns that will make you feel like you're on a roller coaster! To reach the falls, you must journey through a fantastically dense forest, where you will notice the waterfall pretty early on.

The best time to visit Ravana Falls is during the dry season, the cascade shrinks dramatically, but when the monsoon rains come, the waterfall surges and produces several rock pools—this is when Ravana Falls is at its most stunning.

5. Visit Ella Rock

If you are thinking about experiencing hiking Ella Sri Lank, Ella Rock is one of the hiking destinations for adventurous travelers. This is considered one of the most difficult hikes; if travelers want to challenge yourself, you should consider Ella Rock. This adventure will take 4 hours to accomplish because it is a lengthier hike than Little Adam's Peak. It is, nevertheless, an ideal opportunity for expert hikers to get their best photographs while going through water streams, tea plantations, and other beauty.

6. Zipline Across Ravana Falls

The Flying Ravana zipline is located at the base of Little Adam's Peak. It is Sri Lanka's first giant zipline, measuring around 550 meters in length, and the second longest zipline in South Asia. It is one among the numerous things to do in Ella Sri Lanka that will fulfill the adrenaline addict in you.

Flying Ravana is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm, with daily entries closing at 4 pm. Thus, if you intend on stopping by after going to Little Adam's Peak, you can be too early or too late. In such instances, you will have to keep another day open to enjoy this journey properly.

Zipline is a safe experience; however, travelers must prepare mentally before taking this activity

Zipline is a safe experience; however, travelers must prepare mentally before taking this activity

In conclusion, Ella is a hidden gem in Sri Lanka that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and outdoor activities. We've had visitors ask us the same question in the past: Is Ella Sri Lanka worth visiting? Indeed, it is well worth visiting for the majority of visitors. The six incredible events described above are proof of it. Sri Lanka Immigration Services hope all travelers can plan your trips after reading this article. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions.

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