Top 5 Most Beautiful Beaches In Sri Lanka For Your Vacation

By Jenna Jolie

Sri Lanka is among the most favored destinations for travelers who want to experience the natural beauties of diverse landscapes, from tropical jungles to endless stretches of fine, white sand beaches. Surrounding the island nation of Sri Lanka is a coastline with numerous golden beaches. And beach tours in Sri Lanka are one of the best parts! The picturesque vistas of these fine sandy shorelines will let you immerse yourself in a world of your own. Additionally, beaches are the perfect place to unwind, with the sound of flowing waves giving you a feeling of upheaval, joy, and peace. Please, keep reading. We'll give you some excellent information about the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka. 

List of Sri Lanka beaches you should explore at least once

Sri Lanka beach tours are something you must experience at least once in your life. The beautiful beaches here will make you temporarily put aside your worries and recharge your energy completely. From tidal islands and white sand bars to swinging palm trees and bustling bars on the beach, every beach from east to west has its unique character. Whether you're a skilled surfer looking for the best waves or a hammock lover looking to unwind, sip fresh coconuts, and paddle in the shallows, whatever your interests, spending time on the beaches in Sri Lanka is a must-do!


Bentota is a famous resort beach positioned midway between popular locations like Galle and Colombo. Surrounded by dense forest and tall palm trees cover the beach with its sun-kissed sandy stretches. It owns high-class boutique hotels and a variety of attractive seafood dishes that make Bentota a romantic location for a beach wedding in Sri Lanka.

Bentota is also the hub of Sri Lanka's watersports. You can try your hands on watersports such as water skiing and canoeing. Visiting the aquatic life protection center or staying at resorts and enjoying a relaxing spa are the most popular activities in Bentota. 

Nice view of Bentota beach on magnificent Bentota Lagoon

Nice view of Bentota beach on magnificent Bentota Lagoon

Jungle Beach

Located northwest of Unawatuna, Jungle Beach is a pretty bay surrounded by jungle where you may spend a wonderful day snorkeling and tanning. The beach is home to a variety of fish, moray eels, crabs, barracudas, triggerfish, and other marine animals.

Numerous water sports, including swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and boat rides, are available at Jungle Beach. The other popular activities at Jungle Beach for travelers include whale watching, touring historic sites, jungle hiking, and many more activities.

The small bay is known as "jungle beach Sri Lanka" because of its top resorts and cabins outfitted with opulent amenities, providing you with a calm getaway amidst the jungle settings. Private paths from the resorts and cabins take you to the serene shoreline, where you can listen to the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean.

Jungle Beach on the tropical coast Indian ocean, Unawatuna, island of Sri Lanka

Jungle Beach on the tropical coast Indian ocean, Unawatuna, island of Sri Lanka


Hikkaduwa is a beach in Sri Lanka tourism, famous for its untouched natural beauty. Located on the west coast and the closest to Colombo, it offers amazing seafood at affordable prices for international travelers. Along Hikkaduwa beach are rows of plushest hotels and nightclubs. During the day, you can enjoy activities like diving and snorkeling to observe beautiful coral reefs and the diversity of marine life. At Hikkaduwa beach, you may also have a chance to witness giant water turtles when you swim close to the beach. The sunsets at Hikkaduwa beach are one of the things you definitely can't miss; nothing compares to seeing the sun melt into the horizon line in the warm evening air. 

The sunset on Hikkaduwa Beach

The sunset on Hikkaduwa Beach


For some, Mirissa beach is perhaps the most beautiful beach in Sri Lanka, owing to its fine white sands surrounded by verdant palm trees, clear waters, and bouncy waves. Mirissa beach attracts travelers from all over the world, from expert surfers to ardent sunbathers. It’s famous for surfing, diving, and swimming activities. 

Mirissa beach is also the best place for whale watching in Sri Lanka. A lot of whales can often be spotted fairly near the shoreline. Additionally, numerous tour companies have been established based in the village to provide boat trips to see them from December to April. 

Travelers observe whales at Mirissa beach

Travelers observe whales at Mirissa beach


Kudawa beach, located in Kalpitiya, is one of the greatest in the area. With its calm water all year round, Kudawa is a hub for various water sports, ranging from windsurfing or kitesurfing to boat cruises along the lagoon or the sea.

Kudawa is also one of the best places for beach camping in Sri Lanka. You can bring some food, refreshments, and fruits to relax and rest on a stretch of golden sand. When having a trip to Kudawa beach, sunscreen is an essential item to prevent sunburn.

Beautiful Kudawa coast, northwestern Sri Lanka

Beautiful Kudawa coast, northwestern Sri Lanka

Ideal time to go on beach tours in Sri Lanka

The natural beauty of Sri Lanka beach is always something that attracts international tourists. However, to have the best experience for Sri Lanka beach tours, you should carefully learn about the weather before you board a flight to Sri Lanka.

The high season for beach tours in Sri Lanka is between December and April. This is also the best time to see dolphins and whales in the ocean. Additionally, tourists can also plan to visit from April to October, when the weather is quite cool, and the sea is calm, perfect for water sports.

Useful Information to explore these destinations

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