The Vibrant and Festive Poson Poya Festival in Sri Lanka

By Stella Tessa

As the island breeze carries the scent of flowers and spices across Sri Lanka, a sense of anticipation builds. It's time for the Poson poya Festival, a celebration that marks the arrival of Buddhism in this vibrant nation. This joyous event is a feast for the senses, with the streets and homes bursting with color and life. From the intricate decorations to the delicious traditional foods, the Poson Festival showcases the very best of Sri Lankan culture.

In this article, we will delve into the history and significance of this beloved festival and take a closer look at the diverse ways in which it is celebrated across Sri Lanka. From the heart of the cities to the tranquility of the countryside, the Poson Poya Festival in Sri Lanka is a time for all to come together and rejoice in the beauty of its traditions. 

Let's dive in and discover the magic of this extraordinary event that captivates both locals and visitors alike.

When Is Poson Poya Festival in Sri Lanka?

Poson Poya is a significant religious festival in Sri Lanka that falls on the day of the full moon day in the month of June. The exact date varies each year according to the lunar calendar. In 2023, Poson Poya is expected to be celebrated on June 6th.

What Is Special About Poson Poya Day?

The Buddhist community in Sri Lanka celebrates Poson Poya Day as a day of great importance. This auspicious event honors the more than 2,000-year-old introduction of Buddhism to the archipelago. According to legend, Indian emperor Ashoka sent his son Mahinda to Sri Lanka to spread Buddhism. On the Poson full moon day, Mahinda arrived in Sri Lanka. It was there that he encountered King Devanampiya Tissa in Mihintale and persuaded him to embrace Buddhism. This historic event ushered in a new era in Sri Lankan history and laid the groundwork for the spread of Buddhism on the island.

Poson poya day is celebrated to commemorate the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka

Poson poya day is celebrated to commemorate the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka

Poson Poya Festival in Sri Lanka is currently enthusiastically observed across the nation. Buddhists are observing this occasion to ponder the Buddha's knowledge and to pay tribute to Mahinda and his adherents for their contributions to Buddhism in the nation. A lot of believers decide to travel to revered locations like Anuradhapura, Mihintale, and Polonnaruwa during this day of rituals, meditation, and offerings. Additionally, it is a time when families get together to celebrate by sharing customary foods and treats, greetings, and presents, as well as taking part in parades and processions that are full of color.

Poson Poya Day is a time of spiritual awakening and renewal for Sri Lankan Buddhists, a time to celebrate their faith, their history, and their culture. It is a day to give thanks for the wisdom and guidance of the Buddha and to strive towards personal enlightenment and inner peace.

How Do You Celebrate Poson Poya Festival in Sri Lanka?

Poson Poya is celebrated in various ways throughout Sri Lanka. Here are some of the ways in which the festival is celebrated.

Visits to Temples

Poson Poya Day is an important religious event for Buddhists in Sri Lanka, and it is common practice for many people to go to temples on this day. In temples all over the island, special religious rites are conducted, and as a sign of their dedication, devotees burn incense and light oil lamps. Sil is a day-long meditation and spiritual discipline practice that is observed by many Buddhists.

Mihintale is one of the most significant temples to see on Poson Poya Day because it is thought that Mahinda, the son of Emperor Ashoka, first encountered King Devanampiya Tissa there and converted him to Buddhism. Thousands of worshippers travel to Anuradhapura to visit the hilltop shrine where Mahinda and Tissa are revered.

Preparing Traditional Foods

Poson Poya Festival is also a time for celebration, which includes feasting and gathering with loved ones to share traditional cuisines. The most common dishes include kokis, asmi, and kiribath (milk rice), which are all prepared with rice flour. (a deep-fried snack made of rice flour and coconut milk).

In addition to honoring the holiday, preparing these traditional foods is a means to uphold the Buddhist teachings of generosity and kindness. It is customary for families to welcome neighbors and friends to their feast and may also prepare meals to offer to monks at the temple.

Participating in Parades and Processions

Poson Poya is celebrated in some regions of Sri Lanka with vibrant processions and marches. Worn in white, the devotees parade through the streets with banners and flags bearing Buddhist emblems. To further enhance the festive ambiance, some processions also feature traditional musicians and dancers.

The Kandy Perahera, which spans several days during the Esala Perahera celebration in July or August, is one of the most well-known processions. Numerous entertainers, such as drummers, dancers, and elephants decked out in traditional garb, are present at the Perahera.

Sri Lankan Buddhists pray at Poson Poya Festival

Sri Lankan Buddhists pray at Poson Poya Festival

Decorating Homes and Streets

To commemorate the event, lanterns and vibrant decorations are placed in homes and on the streets throughout Sri Lanka. As a sign of their devotion, many families also erect little shrines and light oil lamps in their houses. In addition to enhancing the feeling of community and camaraderie that are essential to Poson Poya, the lights and decorations produce a lovely and festive atmosphere.

Singing Poson Poya Song

Poson Poya is referred to in a number of compositions in Sri Lanka. One well-known song is "Devinuwara Menike," which tells the story of Mahinda Thero, the son of Emperor Ashoka, traveling to Sri Lanka to disseminate the Buddha's teachings. The song, which is performed in Sinhala and has a classic melody, is frequently played during Poson Poya festivities in Sri Lanka.

"Poson Mangalyaya," which pays homage to the importance of Poson Poya in Sri Lanka, is another well-known song. Inviting listeners to consider the Buddha's teachings, the song extols the virtues and spiritual importance of Poson's full moon day.

Buddhists all over Sri Lanka observe Poson Poya as a unique day, and they do so with great fervor and reverence. This day offers a chance to consider the Buddha's teachings and work towards living a life of peace and harmony, whether it be through sharing wishes and greetings or singing traditional songs.

Sri Lankan Buddhists pray in Gangaramaya Temple Colombo Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Buddhists pray in Gangaramaya Temple Colombo Sri Lanka

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When Poson Poya Day rolls around in Sri Lanka, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and spirituality of the island nation. This significant celebration commemorates Mahinda's entry into Sri Lanka, where he established Buddhism and carried the Buddha's teachings with him. Join the hordes of pilgrims at significant Buddhist sites like Mihintale, where you may see vibrant processions, take part in customary ceremonies, and take in the serene quiet of the surroundings.

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