The Most Beautiful Places In Sri Lanka For A One Day Trip

By Jenna Jolie

Sri Lanka is a familiar name for travelers in Southeast Asia. Sri Lanka is an island known as the "pearl of the Indian Ocean," where millions of people have come to want to stay and live. Traveling to Sri Lanka, you will be able to open your eyes to a new land favored by nature, from the sea to the forest.

Sri Lanka is a suitable destination for those who want to explore the local culture, enjoy water sports and explore wildlife in the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka for a one day trip. In addition to the unique natural landscape, Sri Lanka is outstanding, with a fairly developed economy and architectural works in big cities. Without a doubt, Sri Lanka is a destination that you should visit once in your life.

Nature lovers should not miss these Sri Lanka beautiful places for one day trip

Sri Lanka is an ideal vacation destination with a tropical climate, gorgeous beaches, and inexpensive travel costs. Let's start the journey and refer to the Sri Lanka beautiful places for one day trip experiences with Sri Lanka Immigration Services!

Visiting Bentota River For Crocodile Safari

Bentota River is the perfect destination for travelers interested in taking a boat safari trip on the river. This one-day excursion is based on the Bentota River, where it's common to see crocodiles as well as several other creatures, including monkeys, lizards, and snakes. As you float through the mangrove forest, one of Sri Lanka's most significant and last surviving mangrove habitats, you will be exposed to raw wildness.

Travelers who come to Bentota River will have the chance to face-to-face with crocodiles at a small distance. On a close-up tour of the lagoon in a wetland setting, you might be astounded by the size and power of freshwater and saltwater crocodiles. Moreover, you may take advantage of tours, see croc feedings, and interact with many of the area's cold-blooded inhabitants.

A very close-up look at the large-sized crocodiles in Bentota river

A very close-up look at the large-sized crocodiles in Bentota river

Spending A Day Trip In Udawalawe National Parks

Being one of the most well-liked beautiful places in Sri Lanka for a one-day trip, travelers are definitely thinking about visiting Udawalawe National Parks safari. Seeing leopards, elephants, and rare reptiles up close will be a memorable experience that is rare to see in your life. For the best time to visit Sri Lanka, you should come here between December and April because the weather is ideal; all the scenery is beautiful, sunny, and warm, which is suitable for a safari.

Udawalawe is home to elephants which preserves and breeds them and other wild animals. You can look at elephants closely on one of the most well-liked wildlife excursions on the island when you take this one. There is a significant population of wild elephants at Udawalawe, which is well-known for its elephant population. The elephant transit camp, an initiative to safeguard orphan elephants on the island, releases a significant number of rehabilitated elephants into the forest each year, increasing the elephant population in Udawalawe.

Travelers drive on Jeep to explore the wildlife at Udawalawe National

Travelers drive on Jeep to explore the wildlife at Udawalawe National Parks

Sigiriya Ancient Rock Fortress - The 8th Wonder of the World in the heart of Sri Lanka

Sigiriya Ancient Rock Fortress is one of the most valuable ancient structures in Sri Lanka. Certified the 8th wonder of the world, the old castle, with its complex and solid fortress system, is of great value to the archeology industry, attracting numerous tourists every year. Previously, the Ancient Rock was chosen to be the castle of the Sri Lankan king Kasyapa. After the king's death, this place was forgotten and became a Buddhist monastery until about the 14th century.

Sigiriya mountain in Sri Lanka today still preserves almost intact the ancient relics of a glorious time. This is definitely the place to visit when discovering what is unique about Sri Lanka!

Sigiriya Rock Fortress is surrounded by diverse vegetation

Sigiriya Rock Fortress is surrounded by diverse vegetation

One Day Trip - Travel Around The City And Stop By Duty-Free Shops In Sri Lanka

Skip the natural part; if you do not want to explore the wildlife, you might be interested in the bustle of the cities. We would love to introduce one of the biggest cities in Sri Lanka - Colombo Capital.

As the capital and largest city of the island nation of Sri Lanka, Colombo is a vibrant city featuring vibrant South Asian features of buildings and hundreds of colorful tuk-tuks. This will be a unique place to visit and check-in, giving you the most vivid picture.

Coming to Colombo, do not forget to explore areas such as Galle Face Green Park, Seema Temple, Red Masjid Mosque, Colombo National Museum, and Arcade Independence Square, which are beautiful places in Sri Lanka for a one day trip.

The famous check-in spot of tourists at the Masjid Mosque in the
    capital Colombo

The famous check-in spot of tourists at the Masjid Mosque in the capital Colombo

The food here is a huge plus. Colombo is located very close to the ocean, so seafood is plentiful and fresh. Crab, lobster, small shrimp, assorted fish, and shellfish are available at beachside seafood parties. In Colombo, great Japanese restaurants never use frozen fish for their sashimi or sushi.

Sri Lanka is also a shopper's paradise; boutiques carry top international brands, such as Sri Lanka Duty-Free shops, while quaint stores sell textured textiles and vibrant local art.

Duty-Free is a familiar name for tourists when traveling. These shops provide a variety of high-end goods, including food, drink, cigarettes, accessories, perfumes, and cosmetics. Travelers can come here to buy.

Duty-Free shops in Sri Lanka international customers shop without paying local taxes, enabling them to purchase specific things without paying customs fees as long as they transfer them over international borders.

Note when self-sufficient travel in Sri Lanka:

Before picking up your backpack and going, the traveling devotees should note the following issues so that the trip to Sri Lanka is self-sufficient and safe:

  • Remember to bring electronic devices to connect to your friends or families when you get lost. We offer Travel Sim with high-speed 4G data, which can be used in Sri Lanka..
  • If you plan to go at peak travel time, you need to apply for a visa to be qualified to enter Sri Lanka. Apply e-visa at our website to get the chance to travel in a couple of days.
  • Please do not go out alone after 9 pm, so it is safer to go in groups.
  • Need to bargain clearly, or download the app to book a car that shows the price in advance, avoiding being shouted at too high a price.
  • As the cradle of Buddhism, this place is tinged with spirituality and antiquity. When visiting the temples and pagodas here, you should wear a shirt with sleeves and skirts past the knee, avoid turning your back or bringing your butt towards the Buddha statue and avoid joking about showing dignity and respect for the gods.

Is traveling to Sri Lanka in 1 day enough? Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with rich culture, you need more than 1 day to fully explore this country. See more useful travel information for travelers in the Sri Lanka News section.

Especially, remember to contact us immediately to get your Sri Lanka e-visa and start your trip now!

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