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By Jenna Jolie

Dubbed the pearl of the Indian Ocean, the island nation of Sri Lanka (also known as Ceylon) attracts tourists by its breathtaking beauty from majestic natural landscapes to thousands of years old monuments. Not only is there a lot of beautiful nature, this country also has a wide range of luxury hotels. Amazing hotels may be found all around the nation, Sri Lanka Immigration Services will recommend the best 7 star hotels in Sri lanka for travelers to have a nice vacation.

Check list of 7 star hotels in Sri Lanka

Ceylon Tea Trails

Ceylon Tea Trails, the first tea bungalow resort in the world, is situated at a height of 1,250 meters in central Sri Lanka and borders the World Heritage Central Highlands. The border of the hotel has a breathtaking view with a number of mountains and lush tea fields. While providing visitors with the non-hotel, private house environment that is the trademark of the multi-award winning, "all-inclusive" Tea Trails experience, each bungalow radiates its own wonderful vibe.

When staying at this resort, you can enjoy the luxurious spa, lay by the pool and sip on a chilled beverage served to you by a personal waiter. Moreover, you can try the most delicious food by the hotel's chef who is mastering Sri Lanka cuisine.

Set of afternoon tea which is served to customers at Ceylon Tea Trails

Set of afternoon tea which is served to customers at Ceylon Tea Trails

Wild Coast Tented Lodge

Located next to the Yala National Park which is known for the home of Leopard, this hotel is incredibly in the heart of where the dense jungle meets the blue water of Indian oceans. Wild Coast Tented Lodge is designed in the shape of a Leopard’s paw which can highlight the most famous animal of the area and attracts more tourists to experience the hotels in the middle of the jungle here.

You may reserve a variety of additional activities directly with the resort, including guided jungle hikes and bicycle excursions into the nearby rice fields. Moreover, you may have a drink at the Ten Tuskers Bar in the evenings or, for a truly memorable experience, you can set up a private meal on the beach to spend the night with your loved ones.


It is not surprising when Amangalla is in the list of 7 star hotels in Sri Lanka due to its unique architecture. Amangalla, which is built in a Dutch colonial structure from the 17th century and is surrounded by Galle's ancient fort's ramparts, is inextricably linked into this captivating city.

An exquisitely preserved bygone period offers visitors an evocative view into the various chapters of the legendary fortress on Amangalla's doorstep with its original polished teak flooring, antique furnishings, and 19th-century artifacts from the building's past existence as the New Oriental Hotel.

Amangalla imprinted the beauty of colonial architecture

Amangalla imprinted the beauty of colonial architecture


Santanit, which means "in harmony with" in Sanskrit, is Sri Lanka's first and only health resort. It was established with the honest conviction that sustained wellbeing starts with finding one's own sense of balance with nature and by allowing oneself to accept care from both others and oneself.

The hotel’s rooms do not have air conditioning and are designed for natural ventilation. Visitors are free to wander around the lush rice fields and tropical vegetation, engage in yoga, or relax along the Hulu River.


Established and managed by Aman - one of the world’s most exclusive brands for 7 star hotels in Sri Lanka, Amanwella owns the most practical beauty when it comes to the natural scenery. When staying here, travelers will not see the olympic-sized pool and the palm-fringed private beach club. They will explore the region's many attractions, including tea farms, hikes, and temple visits and Sri Lanka's most outstanding National Parks.

View of swimming pools rounded by Palm tree of Amanwella hotel

View of swimming pools rounded by Palm tree of Amanwella hotel

Shangri-la Hotel Colombo

In the metropolis, Shangri-La Colombo represents a new standard of luxury. The hotel, which is in the center of the city's business and entertainment zone, provides a variety of restaurants and bars with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, Beira Lake, or the cityscape.

The spa on the hotel has 7 individual rooms and offers a relaxing range of conventional Asian and Sri Lankan treatments and therapies. Moreover, Shangri-la Hotel has modern workout equipment and personal trainers are available at the Health Club to help you maintain your fitness routine while you're away from home.

Shangri-La hotel has the view of cityscape

Shangri-La hotel has the view of cityscape

Anantara Kalutara

Anantara Kalutara has a unique location between the Indian Ocean and Kalu River and features coastline, river, and lagoon frontage. It is only 10 minutes from the town of Kalutara and an hour south of the country's capital Colombo. All 141 of the hotel's rooms, suites, and pool villas provide breathtaking views from their individual balconies and terraces that face out into the lagoon, beautiful gardens, or ocean.

Kalutara is a perfect place for contemporary travelers that brings them to real locations, people, and stories through intimate meetings between local people and travelers in the most interesting tourist destination on earth.

Kalutara hotel’s architecture near the ocean

Kalutara hotel’s architecture near the ocean

Get Visa To Explore One of Seven Star Hotels In Sri Lanka

Being the “Pearl of Indian Ocean”, the natural beauty of its tropical forests, beaches and cultural heritage make Sri Lanka a popular tourist attraction around the world. If you just want to spend your vacation relaxing or find a finest hotel to stay, Sri Lanka Immigration Services suggest seven star hotels in Sri Lanka as above. For young travelers, Sri Lanka might be a cool place to visit, they can check out the best travel guide in Sri Lanka for more interesting activities.

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Hope this article will help you to choose the most suitable 7 star hotels in Sri Lanka when traveling here. If you are planning to travel to Sri Lanka in the coming days, do not hesitate to connect with us for designing a dream trip in this tear-shaped country.

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