A Complete Guide Of Ambuluwawa Tower In Sri Lanka

By Mabel Collins

Sri Lanka, which is a country with a rich culture and natural beauty, is a popular destination for tourists from around the world who come to explore its pristine beaches, ancient temples, lush green forests, and scenic hill country. One of the most captivating attractions in Sri Lanka is the Ambuluwawa Tower, a unique tower located in the heart of the island.

The Ambuluwawa Tower, located in the central province of Sri Lanka, is a remarkable structure that combines ancient Sri Lankan architectural styles with modern design elements. The tower is a unique attraction that offers visitors a chance to learn about Sri Lankan history, culture, and ecology in one place. 

This article will delve into the fascinating history and features of the Ambuluwawa Tower in Sri Lanka, showcasing why it is a must-visit attraction among travelers.

Ambuluwawa Tower - Everything You Need To Know

Where is Ambuluwawa located? 

Ambuluwawa Tower is located in the Gampola Town outskirts of Sri Lanka. The stunning views from the top of the Ambuluwawa Tower have contributed to the Ambuluwawa Tower's rising popularity in recent years. It is particularly well-known for its tiny spiral staircase, which some tourists find difficult to navigate. If you're up for a challenge, it's one of the coolest sites to see in Sri Lanka.

Ambuluwawa Tower in Sri Lanka

Ambuluwawa Tower in Sri Lanka 

What is Ambuluwawa Tower height?

The Ambuluwawa tower in Sri Lanka stands tall at the height of 3567 feet above sea level, which is a significant number as it represents the number of days in a year. It is situated on top of Ambuluwawa Mountain; this tower is also a part of the Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex, which is a massive ecological park spread across an area of 250 acres.

Who built Ambuluwawa Tower?

On December 18, 2006, the Ambuluwawa biodiversity station idea was put into operation. The concept was implemented by former Sri Lankan Prime Minister Dissanayake Mudiyanselage Jayaratne. He is well known as "Di Mu," and he was born in the Gampola region. Hon Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka's Fifth Executive President, opened the refuge to the public at the time.

Explore The Ambuluwawa Tower Architecture

The Ambuluwawa Tower was constructed in 2005 and is a unique structure that has owned many old Sri Lankan architectural styles throughout the years. The tower is made of steel and concrete and has a unique shape that resembles a Buddhist stupa, which is a dome-shaped structure used in Buddhist architecture to house relics or sacred objects.

The tower is made up of nine levels, each of which has a specific purpose. The first level of the tower houses a meditation hall where visitors can relax and meditate while immersing in the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The second level is home to a library that contains a vast collection of books on Buddhism, spirituality, and ecology. The third level is a botanical garden that showcases a variety of plants and trees that are native to Sri Lanka.

The fourth level of the tower is a museum that displays the cultural and historical heritage of Sri Lanka. The museum has a collection of artifacts, sculptures, and paintings that date back to the ancient kingdoms of Sri Lanka. The fifth level of the tower is a restaurant that serves traditional Sri Lankan cuisine and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

The unique design architecture of Ambuluwawa Tower

The unique design architecture of Ambuluwawa Tower

The sixth level of the tower is a souvenir shop that sells handicrafts, souvenirs, and other locally made products. The seventh level is a conference hall that can accommodate up to 150 people and is equipped with modern facilities equipped for conferences and meetings. The eighth level of the tower is a view deck that offers a 360-degree view of the surrounding landscape. Visitors can enjoy the stunning views of the mountains, forests, and valleys from this level.

The ninth level of the tower is the crowning glory of the Ambuluwawa Tower. It is a massive bell-shaped structure that is adorned with Buddhist symbols and scriptures. The bell is also used to announce the time and has a beautiful chime that can be heard from miles away.

Extra Information About Ambuluwawa Tower In Sri Lanka For Tourists

Best time to visit Ambuluwawa Tower

The dry season, from December to March, is the greatest time to see Ambuluwawa Tower in Sri Lanka. The weather is nice at this time, so tourists may enjoy the visual splendor of the region without fear of rain. During the wet season, it is difficult to climb the tower, and due to fog, it is impossible to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding areas.

Visitors to the Ambuluwawa Tower and the Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex can also participate in many activities, such as bird watching, hiking, and photography. The complex also hosts many events and festivals throughout the year, such as the Ambuluwawa Festival, which celebrates the cultural and ecological heritage of Sri Lanka.

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Ambuluwawa open time 

The Ambuluwawa Tower and the Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex are open to visitors from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily, including weekends and public holidays. The main gate is open from 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day of the week. The distance between the entrance and the mountain's summit is roughly 2.5 to 3 kilometers. To get to the top, you may drive, take a TUK TUK, or walk on foot.

Ambuluwawa ticket price

Ambuluwawa's admission cost is LKR 50 for local visitors and LKR 300 (USD 2) for international visitors. This includes the fee for entering the temple. 

How to go Ambuluwawa

  • From Colombo to Ambuluwawa: If you start your journey from Colombo, there's a 28.1-kilometer-shorter route from Mawanella to Ambuluwawa Temple through Ginihappitiya Hemmatagama that bypasses Kandy and Gampola, which is 43 kilometers. The carpeted road is not difficult to find. If you arrive by train from Colombo, you may get out at the Gampola Train Station and enjoy the scenery along the way. Gampola is also accessible by bus from Colombo.

  • From Kandy to Ambuluwawa: It is about 24.8 kilometers away. If you take public transportation, you must first arrive at Gampola. Ambuluwawa Mountain Hill is 5.2 kilometers from Gampola Train Station. From Gampola town to Ambuluwawa temple, you may easily locate a tuk-tuk or cab.

Ambuluwawa Tower in Sri Lanka welcomes tourists everyday

Ambuluwawa Tower in Sri Lanka welcomes tourists everyday

Experience The Ambuluwawa Tower In Sri Lanka With Simple Click

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