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Have you seen the chocolate eggs on the grocery shelves or the days becoming longer? They're a sure indicator that Easter and spring are on the way. And what better way to mark the occasion than with a holiday? The holiday will be even more special when you find out 300 Cheaper eVisa on Easter Day.

Sri Lanka traditions and celebrations on Easter Day

Easter festivities are usually kept to a minimum. People in larger cities frequently attend special church services on this day. Many churches also host community-wide feasts to feed not just the congregation but also the less fortunate in the community.

Many families also organize private Easter parties and festivities. In most situations, this includes praying, discussing Jesus and God, and enjoying traditional rural cuisine. Easter egg hunts are not a popular practice in Sri Lanka.

If you intend to visit Sri Lanka during Easter, you may or may not see any celebrations. Because it always falls on a Sunday, most government agencies, banks, and schools are already closed. Furthermore, because this corresponds with the New Year's celebration, you are more likely to see groups of people enjoying this than Easter.

However, the weather in the area is lovely this time of year, making it an excellent time to visit Sri Lanka. If you go during Easter, don't expect enormous crowds in the cities and towns. This is uncommon since knowledge of Easter in the nation is not widespread or well-known.

When is Sri Lanka Easter Day 2023?

Easter Sunday is April 9th, 2023!

This full moon is also known as the 'pink moon,' marking the beginning of Pesach, or Passover, in the Jewish calendar. This holiday commemorates the Israelites' liberation from Egyptian servitude between 1300 and 1201 BC.

Do people of different faiths celebrate Easter?

Only Christians observe Easter as a religious festival, while many other cultures and religions celebrate the arrival of spring. In Egypt, for example, the spring celebration is known as 'Sham el-Nessim,' a day that the Ancient Egyptians honored as the beginning of the world's creation. In Iran, the spring/new year celebration is known as 'Nowruz,' while in Punjab and portions of Pakistan, spring is celebrated with 'Basant,' a holiday marked by kite flying and yellow flowers.

During early spring, Muslims observe Ramadan, a month-long season of fasting and prayer. On the 13th or 14th of April, Hindus and Sikhs celebrate 'Vaisakhi' with colorful celebrations and eating to commemorate the start of the solar new year. In many regions of Asia, people congregate at temples to celebrate the Buddha's birthday, or 'Buddha Jayanti,' by burning lanterns. Buddha sculptures are ceremonially cleansed with tea in Japan.

Easter Day is perfect for a fast weekend escape or making the most of a longer trip with limited time away from work. After several calm years, there will be thrilling and inspiring festivities to enjoy worldwide, including Spanish street parties, traditional Italian celebrations, and Thailand's Songkran festival, particularly traditional Sri Lankan festivals marking the start of the country's calendar.

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