What is the Sri Lanka ETA for British citizens?

Sri Lanka ETA is an official permit for a brief visit to Sri Lanka for tourism-related purposes. Endowed with world-class beaches, and fascinating historical sites, Sri Lanka is a top destination for numerous international travelers. The number of British travelers to Sri Lanka increased significantly in recent years. Therefore, they should keep updated on any information relating to Sri Lanka visas.

British passport holders can use an ETA to enter Sri Lanka for the following reasons:

  • Sightseeing, visiting relatives, and friends, receiving medical treatments, participating in sporting events, competitions, and activities relating to cultural performance.
  • Participating in business-related activities.
  • Transiting through Sri Lanka.

The introduction of a Sri Lanka ETA provides an efficient, reliable, and simple service to foreigners who wish to travel to Sri Lanka. British travelers can complete the entire process online in just a matter of minutes, hence eliminating the need to visit an Embassy. Once the application has been submitted, travelers can expect to receive their ETA in 3 business days or earlier. In case British citizens want to receive an ETA in a few hours, they should opt for the Rush visa service.

In addition, the required documents for visa application for citizens of Britain are also simple. They just need a passport to apply for a Sri Lanka visa online.