What is the Covid-19 Insurance?

Destinations have reopened in recent years, visitors have acquired security, and the necessity of travel insurance has indeed grown. Covid-19 Insurance is one of the benefits contained with Travel Insurance, which you may require if you are traveling outside your native country.

Benefits covered in comprehensive coverage may apply in the following unanticipated events for visitors acquiring travel insurance for future travel:

  • Covid-19 treatment.
  • Prescription Drugs.
  • Medical Emergency Insurance.
  • Coverage for Emergency Medical Evacuations.
  • Travel Interrupted.
  • For Any Reason, Delete (optional, time-sensitive benefit).
  • Loss baggage.

The World Health Organization (WHO) further proclaimed the coronavirus epidemic to be a pandemic. This led to the implementation of travel restrictions, the imposition of quarantines, the closing of borders, and the sudden and unannounced entry bans of non-citizens in many nations. When travelers want to enter the target country, Covid-19 insurance is referred to as a requirement. To best assist tourists in preparing for their next journey, Covid-19 insurance-attached travel insurance is highly advised for all travelers.

Travelers can purchase Travel Insurance easily on the Sri Lanka Immigration website while applying for a Sri Lanka eTA. With this insurance, the visa applications for Sri Lanka eTAs are processed by the Government easier. Let’s check it out!

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