What happens if I already possess a valid visa?

If you already possess a valid residence visa or multiple entry visa, you can enter Sri Lanka legally. But a fresh e-Visa/ETA application cannot be lodged until that visa expires or is canceled.

You should be aware of the validity of your visa to avoid overstaying.  For example, the Sri Lanka eTA is valid for 06 months from the issued date. You are not allowed to enter Sri Lanka if you travel to the country after this day. 

In case you wish to return to Sri Lanka, you will need to obtain a new one. In addition, your passport should also have at least 06 months of validity from the arrival date in Sri Lanka.

Online application is recommended for travelers thanks to its convenience and simplicity. Once being issued, it will be sent to the applicant’s email address. You should print out at least a copy of your Sri Lanka eTA and bring it with you during the trip to Sri Lanka so that the Immigration Officer at the border checkpoint can verify your eligibility. 

There are two ways to obtain a visa for Sri Lanka:

  • Apply for a visa at the Sri Lanka Embassy. If you intend to visit Sri Lanka for long term, you should visit the nearest Embassy or Consulate to obtain a regular visa.
  • Apply for a visa online. The Sri Lanka eTA was launched to simplify the process of applying for a visa for leisure, and short-term business purposes in Sri Lanka.

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