Is Sri Lanka visa free for UK citizens?

No. UK passport holders are required to obtain a Sri Lanka ETA. There are two types of Sri Lanka visa costs: Government fee and Service fee. The UK nationals must pay the government charge because they are not excluded from Sri Lankan visa requirements for UK citizens.

Regarding the service fee, it is charged depending on the processing time that UK citizens choose for their visa application. Sri Lanka Immigration Services provides customers with 03 options for visa processing time:

  • Normal: For most casual cases when UK travelers have enough time to prepare their document. They will get their e-Visa in a guaranteed maximum of 3 business days. This service has the cheapest fee.
  • Urgent: For special situations when UK nationals need their visa immediately. With this choice, they will get their Visa in a guaranteed maximum of 24 hours. As a result, UK citizens have to pay an additional fee for this service.
  • Super urgent: Used for emergencies when UK passport holders are about to take flight but still do not have a Visa for entry. With this special offer, they can get your Visa in a guaranteed maximum of 5 business hours. This Rush visa service has the highest fee.

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