Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka right now?

Sri Lanka is one of the countries which has many sightseeing, wild animals and natural paradise to discover. This country has been focusing on tourism development so it can be said that Sri Lanka is a place worth visiting. If you want to travel to Sri Lanka right now, it is recommended that you should prepare the knowledge about this country, your finances and your health.

Political rallies, protests and large violent demonstrations in Sri Lanka have been taking place because of the shortage of fuel which can cause disruptions to traffic, public transport and lengthy power outages. All travelers who travel to Sri Lanka should avoid any gatherings, and bring identification and travel documents at all times. And travelers should be aware that all rallies do not aim at tourists.

Covid-19 status in Sri Lanka may be controlled so that the Government eased some restrictions and requirements when entering this country.

Before traveling to Sri Lanka, you should check the Sri Lanka ETA requirements to forearm your package carefully.

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