I would like to stay in Sri Lanka for a period of time longer than the e-Visa/ETA permits. What should I do?

Basically, the ETA for Sri Lanka has a six-month validity period after the date of issuance and permits a 30-day maximum stay for leisure or business. If you want to stay in Sri Lanka for a period of time longer than the E-Visa/ETA allows, you can apply for a visa extension. It is advisable that, before applying for a visa extension, you should check the requirements for preparing sufficient documents and fees.

Your ETA can only be extended for a total of six months for Sri Lanka. Prior to your ETA's expiration, you should submit an application for a visa extension. As a visa policy violation, overstaying after your ETA has expired for Sri Lanka may lead to ETA renewal denial, incarceration, or possibly expulsion from Sri Lanka. If your ETA is not renewed before it expires, you will also be responsible for the Sri Lanka visa overstay fine. Therefore, if you are visiting Sri Lanka, be careful not to overstay your visa and keep in mind to extend your ETA if you intend to stay for longer than 30 days.

Direct submission of an ETA extension request is required to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship's visa division. Please email us at [email protected] if you require assistance with ETA registration for Sri Lanka.