How long can visitors with a French passport stay in Sri Lanka with a tourist E-Visa?

With a tourist visa, French passport holders can stay in Sri Lanka for up to 30 days in total. This is a double-entry visa, thus French citizens can enter the country twice within the validity period of their visa. A Sri Lanka tourist ETA has a validity of 06 months from the issued date. It enables citizens of eligible countries to visit Sri Lanka for the following purposes:

  • Sightseeing, holidaying.
  • Casual visits to family, and friends.
  • Medical treatment including Yoga.
  • Participate in sporting events, competitions, and cultural performances organized in the country.

In order to obtain a tourist visa for Sri Lanka, French citizens are required to fill out an online application form and pay the visa fee. There are two fees for Sri Lanka ETA: the Government fee and the Service fee. Because the entire process is online, French applicants can complete the payment online. They can use one of these electronic payment methods (Debit/ Credit Card, PayPal, American Express), or Wire transfer to the Bank of Cyprus.

In addition, French travelers should choose Sri Lanka 4G SIM travel, also COVID-19 insurance to keep their benefits when traveling abroad. They can add a small fee for them to have a safe and smooth trip.

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