Do I need a ticket before I apply for an e-Visa/ETA?

No, you can get an E-Visa or an ETA even before making a ticket purchase. An application procedure typically takes 05 hours to 03 working days. It is, however, infrequently delayed for unique causes. Consequently, it is strongly encouraged that you register for the Sri Lanka ETA at least 07 days prior to your departure. Before submitting an ETA application, foreign nationals intending to go to Sri Lanka also must hold a valid passport.

You are required to apply for a visa if you are a citizen of a nation that isn't exempt from free entry. Three different types of visas are provided to travelers by the Sri Lankan Government:

  • The Sri Lanka e-Tourist Visa (Tourist ETA) is given out for travel and sightseeing in the nation. Tourists are permitted two entries into the nation and a maximum stay of 30 days.
  • Sri Lanka Electronic Business Visa (ETA Business): This type of visa is required for travelers who wish to participate in business meetings, negotiations, conferences, or seminars held in Sri Lanka. It allows for multiple entries and 30-day stays.
  • Sri Lanka Electronic Transit Visa (ETA Transit): With this transit e-visa, overseas visitors can stay at the airport for up to 48 hours after arriving to catch their next aircraft.

Furthermore, Sri Lanka Immigration Services recommends that travelers obtain a Travel Sim and Travel Insurance, as well as use our supplementary transfer consulting service for tourists, in order to make their journey to Sri Lanka more pleasurable and secure.