Do I need a PCR test to leave Sri Lanka?

Before leaving Sri Lanka, travelers should review their passport and travel documents for the exit procedures at the immigration counter. The procedures are usually simple and easy to facilitate travelers as much as possible.

Maybe it's because of the improvement of the covid 19 pandemic situation so there is no requirement for the PCR test to leave Sri Lanka. Instead, travelers should check the entry requirements in the next country's destination.

If you want to transit and leave Sri Lanka for the next country, you should know the requirements for transit travelers. The paperwork requirements like visas, staying time, transit rules and PCR test to leave Sri Lanka are essential to understand.

For special situations, It is recommended to bring a certificate of Covid-19 vaccination if you are fully vaccinated or a negative COVID-19 PCR test to leave Sri Lanka within 72 hours. Travelers can be asked by airport officers when checking out at the immigration counter.

If you have any questions about related-visa services, we are always happy to explain any help you meet the requirements to travel to or leave Sri Lanka. Please contact us via email, hotline or phone when you need.

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