Do I need a Covid-19 Insurance?

No. Covid-19 Vaccine Card/ Certificate is not required when traveling to Sri Lanka. But, We always recommend you to buy this Insurance. Because it both gives you many benefits and an advantageous condition to apply for a Sri Lanka visa. It will make your application easily accepted by the Sri Lanka government.

Although there is no obligation for certification at this time, it is nevertheless you should consider being vaccinated to protect yourself from the health hazards posed by infectious diseases. Vaccination can protect you against diseases that are prevalent in Sri Lanka. 

You will need to quarantine COVID at the airport, though, before traveling to Sri Lanka. Testing and quarantine requirements do not apply to COVID-19 vaccine holders who have received certification.

If you are making a plan to visit Sri Lanka, remember to check your own health to ensure that you have a smooth and memorable trip. In addition, we advise you to get Travel Insurance that includes COVID-19 coverage in case you require medical attention while away.

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