Do German citizens need to take the coronavirus into account when visiting Sri Lanka?

Yes. German citizens must be aware of the latest update of the Government on Covid-19 requirements when visiting Sri Lanka. From June 17th, 2022, German nationals do not need to take the PCR or Rapid Antigen test before traveling to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka offers German tourists various attractions for their vacation. Pristine beaches, pleasant weather, large wildlife parks, and Buddhist cultural sites make Sri Lanka an ideal destination for many travelers. It’s time for German nationals to leave behind all their worries and enjoy the astonishing beauty of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Immigration Services is here to help German travelers have the most memorable experience in this country.

If the 'required doses' of the COVID-19 vaccination are completed and German citizens depart from abroad two weeks after completion of vaccination, they will be considered as 'Fully Vaccinated'. All travelers who have obtained COVID-19 vaccines should carry proof of vaccination in English throughout their travel. In addition, German citizens are not required to submit a Health Declaration Form.

Moreover, German passport holders are recommended to obtain Covid-19 Insurance when visiting Sri Lanka. With this insurance, German travelers are more secure while they are in Sri Lanka. It covers up to US$ 50,000.00 expenses for medical costs, trip cancellation, and lost baggage.

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