Do American visitors need to get a separate Sri Lanka tourist ETA for the children?

Yes. All tourists who travel to Sri Lanka, including children and babies, need a valid passport and visa. However, children under the age of 12 are exempt from the visa to Sri Lanka processing fee.

With our online application form, US candidates can apply for the whole family at once (up to 15 applicants). This is done by submitting a group application, for which only a single application form needs to be filled in.

A group application can help applicants save time, because certain data, such as contact and travel details, only have to be filled in once, and only a single total payment is made.

After filling in the form and finishing the payment, the application will be processed right away.

On average, the Sri Lanka visa is approved and sent to the email address of the applicants within 3 days. This is an electronic visa (ETA Sri Lanka) which is issued digitally. Therefore, we recommend that you print out the visa form and bring it with you when you go through immigration.

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