Sri Lanka visa for Italian citizens: Requirements and Costs in April 2024

Sri Lanka - a land of peace is waiting for us to recover and enjoy its natural environment. Known as one of the most attractive travel destinations in Southern Asia, Sri Lanka has a unique position when its territory has a tear shape and is far away from the land, people are hospitable and friendly, all of these factors make Sri Lanka a wonderful place for travelers to explore.

As an experienced travel consultant, we provide you an excellent service to obtain a Sri Lanka visa and more utilities to travel. We reserved this article for Italian travelers, where Italian citizens can figure out everything you need to get a Sri Lanka visa for Italian citizens.

1. Sri Lankan visa for Italian citizens

When traveling to Sri Lanka for tourism or business, Italian citizens are eligible for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), also called electronic visa (e-visa). As a result, you can apply for a Sri Lanka e-visa online, and Sri Lanka Immigration Services can help you get it in a little time.

There are three kinds of e-Visa / ETA to travel Sri Lanka:

  • Tourist ETA Visa: double-entry visa with 30 days of stay. You can use this type to enter Sri Lanka for travel, visit and medical purposes.
  • Business ETA Visa: multiple-entry visa with 30 days of stay. With this type, you can enter Sri Lanka for business and trading purposes but not for employment.
  • Transit ETA Visa: used when you need to enter Sri Lanka before taking another flight to the third country, a stay period of this type is 48 hours.

Sri Lankan visa for Italian citizens

Sri Lankan visa for Italian citizens

2. Sri Lanka visa requirements for Italian citizens

To complete your paperwork, basically, there is one required document for a Sri Lankan ETA: a copy of your original Italian passport or travel document with at least 6 months validity remaining on the date of travel and at least 1 blank page for verification markings.

In case you are not fully vaccinated, you will need to provide the information about your accommodation so that the Sri Lankan government could follow your journey in their country to prevent a situation involving the pandemic. But it is not a big deal, you simply follow the detailed instructions of our experts and easily meet the standard.

We also highly recommend Italians consider adding the Sri Lanka covid insurance to your plan. It both protects your finances in unexpected cases when you are far away from your hometown and contributes to getting your approved ETA/e-Visa quickly. You can easily apply for insurance when applying for an e-visa on our website without having to declare any further information.

Now with our support, there is nothing you have to worry about, starting by filling in the online application form, and then just following our directions, you will be guaranteed to get your needs in time.

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Sri Lanka visa requirements for Italian citizens

Sri Lanka visa requirements for Italian citizens

3. Cost of Sri Lanka visa for Italian citizens

To apply for a Sri Lanka visa as an Italian citizen, you must pay two (2) types of Sri Lanka visa fees: a service fee and a government fee.

For the compulsory government fee, as an Italian citizen, you are required to charge that cost because Italy is not in the exemption list of Sri Lanka. It changes based on the type of e-visa/ETA you apply for.

For the service fee, you can choose which type is suitable and charge:

  • Normal processing: This standardized service can help you get your e-Visa in a small amount of time within 3 business days.
  • Urgent processing: By selecting this option, your visa application will be ensured within 24 hours.
  • Super urgent processing: by using this type, you will get a result in a rapid time. To be specific, the estimated time will be within 5 business hours.

Discover Sri Lanka add-on services

  • Sri Lanka Immigration Services has developed Sri Lanka car pick-up service to improve the experience of Italian citizens going to Sri Lanka. Customers that apply for our Sri Lanka ETA visa service will be able to rent a car without having to provide any additional information.
  • Furthermore, Italian applicants might pay a nominal price to utilize the Sri Lanka sim card service. Having access to the internet while traveling enhances the experience.

The above is information about Sri Lanka ETA/e-Visa for Italian citizens. If you need any other help, do not hesitate to contact us.

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