Sri Lanka Visa for Austrian citizens: Requirements and Cost in April 2024

Sri Lanka is a small island completely cut off from the rest of Southern Asia. As a result, this country has a distinct charm that distinguishes it on the global tourism map. People travel to Sri Lanka not just for the tropical trees and crystal clear beaches, but also for religious reasons, as the country is home to several pagodas of various architectural styles.

Knowing the high demand for transportation, the Sri Lankan government decided to provide a new type of visa in 2012 called an Electronic Travel Authorization, which is easier and faster to get (ETA).

Are you an Austrian citizen planning a vacation to Sri Lanka? In this post, we'll look at the prerequisites for a Sri Lankan visa for Austrian citizens, as well as fees and other crucial details.

1. Visa to Sri Lanka for Austrian citizens

All Austrian passport holders who wish to visit Sri Lanka must obtain a visa. Sri Lanka ETA for Austrian citizens is valid for 06 months from the issued date. Austria can stay in Sri Lanka for up to 30 days under the Sri Lanka ETA visa. There are three types of e-Visas available, including

1.1 e-Tourist Visa/ETA

Austrian residents are allowed to stay in Sri Lanka for 30 days from the date of arrival. Under Sri Lankan law, the tourist ETA is used for purposes such as travel, short-term treatment, meetings, or other activities, with a double entry into the country.

Visa to Sri Lanka for Austrian citizens

1.2 Business visa/ETA

Except for employment, a business visa/ETA is granted to someone with an international role for a maximum of 30 days from the date of entry in Sri Lanka.

1.3 Transit visa/ETA

For Transit ETA holders, please keep in mind that you will only be able to stay in Sri Lanka for a maximum of 48 hours from the arrival date if you are transiting to another location.

Austrian passport holders who want to work or remain in Sri Lanka permanently are not eligible to apply for an ETA. In this situation, the applicant will need to apply for a traditional visa at a Sri Lankan embassy in Austria.

2. How to apply for a Sri Lanka Visa from Austria?

Austrian people can now simply apply for Sri Lanka ETA from Austria. Our Sri Lanka visa service at GIS can assist you in completing the online application process, after which you will have your travel document fast.

This is the time it takes to complete a Sri Lankan ETA Visa in four phases of GIS:

  • Step 1: Fill out an online application for a Sri Lanka e-Visa/ETA.
  • Step 2: Pay the visa fee over the internet.
  • Step 3: Obtain your e-Visa/ETA for Sri Lanka.
  • Step 4: Have your passport stamped with your visa.

Sri Lanka visa requirements for Austrian citizens

To ensure a smooth application procedure, Austrian nationals need to double-check the following documents:

  • Passports must be valid for at least another 180 days after entering Sri Lanka.
  • Contact information via email: Make sure you provide a genuine address that you have access to. Because the ETA will send that e-mail in PDF format if your application is approved. You can either print it or save a copy to your digital device.
  • Valid card for ETA fee: Credit card, debit card, PayPal, and bank transfer.

How to apply for a Sri Lanka Visa from Austria?

3. Sri Lanka ETA fee for Austrian citizens

The visa/ETA fee in Sri Lanka is made up of two parts: the visa service fee and the government fee.

The overall cost of the Sri Lanka ETA will vary depending on the type of visa requested. In particular, there are three levels of service fees:

  • Normal: Tourists can obtain an e-Visa/ETA in three business days. This is a safer option for low-budget travels, so give it a shot if you're not in a hurry.
  • Urgent: If the tourist has already prepared everything and receives an e-Visa/ETA within 24 hours of completing the final step, this is the greatest option in terms of cost and convenience.
  • Super Urgent: You can receive an e-Visa/ETA within 05 business hours if you have an urgent need. The higher the price for your fantastic experience service, the faster you can have it.

In addition, for a nominal cost, you may use our additional services to ensure that your vacation to Sri Lanka goes as smoothly as possible:

  • Services insurance include: boost your chances of being protected from the Covid-19 outbreak as it progresses
  • Stay connected with friends and family when traveling in Sri Lanka with a 4G SIM card.
  • Airport car pickup service in Sri Lanka: a professional driver will help put your luggage in the car and drive you back to your hotel. All you need to do is rest after the long flight.

How many times has an Austrian citizen been granted ETA admission into Sri Lanka?

Austrian people can stay in Sri Lanka for up to 30 days under the ETA. The length of time it takes to enter will be determined by the type of ETA.

  • Tourist ETA: This sort of ETA permits tourists to enter Sri Lanka twice.
  • Business ETA: Austrian tourists can enter Sri Lanka several times within 06 months from the date an ETA is issued, with the total staying time up to 30 days from the arrival date.
  • Transit ETA: Tourists have only one admission in Sri Lanka, which is limited to 48 hours.

4. What advice do you have for Austrians traveling to Sri Lanka?

Let us review the most recent facts before planning a trip to Sri Lanka.

  • Follow the COVID-19 instructions provided by local authorities.
  • Keep an eye on local media for breaking news and make changes to your plans if needed.
  • Austrians traveling abroad should always have a backup plan in case of an emergency.

In the event of an emergency, Austria's embassy in Sri Lanka will be contacted. Hope useful information in the article below helps you with Sri Lanka visa requirements for Austrian citizens. If you have questions about Sri Lanka visa service, please read more at FAQs or feel free to contact our team 24/7.

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